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Background Info on my Disney photography - I have loved taking pictures since I was a child, but I fell in love with photography back in 2007 when I first started taking pictures of a parade called "Block Party Bash".  Since then, I have taken pictures of the Disneyland Resort Entertainment on a regular basis over the years.  All of the photography was done as a hobby and not as a paid job.  Even though my photography has expanded outside of Disney, I still find myself at the Resort taking pictures of the different parades and shows just for fun.

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New post added 3/27/14: The one goal that I always try to maintain with my photos, is to simply get people to smile.  If a photo that I have taken gets you to smile, then the photo has done what it was meant to do.  I really love seeing people smile and one of the things I have always wanted to do, was to use my photography as a way of inspiring and giving hope to people.  I don't want people to feel alone and not loved.  To help me with this mission, this goal, this quest, I have decided to combine my blog world with my photo world.  The world is tough and I want people to know they are not alone and that they are loved.  Come take a look, see if there is something in here that can make you smile.

"Right now you might find yourself feeling like you are alone and that no one has gone through what you are going through. Guess what though, you are not alone! Everyone deals with pain and a lot of that pain is the same pain you are feeling. Keep fighting and know that you can turn your sorrow into medicine for tomorrow." -Stephen

New Disney Blog post Added 3/20/14:  Traci Hines & Brendan Bradley's Official Video cover of Love Is an Open Door from Disney's Frozen!

From Traci Hines: "The Story: This is our cover of Love Is an Open Door from Disney's Frozen! I remember seeing the film for the first time shortly after it was released, and once this scene began, I knew this was going to be my favorite song from the film! This little duet between Anna & Hans just stole my heart! It's so quirky and adorable! ...or should I say, Adorkable? Funnily enough I was already looking for a song to duet on with Brendan, (we met on a Fearnet shoot last Oct. playing a zombie's roommates & established then that a duet on youtube must happen) so we got in touch & decided this was our new favorite song!"  Click here to read more...

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"You're Not Alone" photography has it's own youtube channel!  The channel mainly consists of videos I have taken at the Resort and a few of my church related videos.  Come take a look!  If I get more people to subscribe to my channel, I will start to upload more videos on a regular basis.

The video on the left is a playlist of videos that I picked specifically for this site. None of the videos are mine.

Come take a look at all of the Instagram photos taken at the Disneyland Resort.  All photos were either taken from one of my cameras or phone.  Click here to see the photos...

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Wanted to officially welcome everyone to the new updated site for You're Not Alone Photography.    "You're Not Alone" is not your typical name  for a photography business and the name usually gets people to go, "Huh?"  Well, You're Not Alone Photography is actually just a small piece of the puzzle for this business and it's mission.  The main vision/purpose to You're Not Alone and it's photography is to share a message that is simple "You Are Not Alone".